Sin Cumbia no hay sabor en la vida

Meet the band



Nidia Rodriguez - Female Vocals

Nidia is the sister of Super Sueño founder and lead singer Charly Boy Escamilla. At 18 she became the first female band member. Her upbringing prepared her for her role as Super Sueño’s female lead vocalist.

As a child, Nidia recalls being awakened to the sound of the acoustic guitar and her father’s beautiful voice as he walked through the house trying to get everyone out of bed. At the age of 7, her father urged her to sing in front of friends and family at social and holiday gatherings.  She was enrolled in Baile Folklorico and sang in the choir at San Fernando Cathedral. Her family roots are from Monterrey & Coahuila, Mexico and during a family trip to Monterrey she heard for the first time the tropical cumbia band, “Sonora Tropicana.”  Nidia was instantly convinced of the type of music she wanted to sing. 

Not only was she influenced by her father, she watched music videos of women she admired such as Whitney Houston and Paula Abdul.  Bette Midler was truly inspiring to her in the movie “Beaches.”

Her latest accomplishment is her starring role in Super Sueno’s latest music video “Estupido.”







Kique Escamilla - Guitar

Kique is the youngest band member and the son of Lead Singer, 

Charly Boy Escamilla.  He was never pressured to learn how to play an instrument or sing but innately picked up a guitar and soon after joined Super sueño.  He has an appreciation for all music genres and his greatest role models are his dad and grandfather.  Kique aspires to become a solo artist one day and he strongly believes that if you do what you love great things will come.





Efrain Wong - Percussion

Efrain is originally from Nueva Rosita, Coahuila Mexico but has resided in San Antonio since he was 13 years old.

He is a soccer player who turned musician at the age of 19. After listening to Super Sueño, Efraim decided that he wanted to be part of the band and he learned to play the congas.  Some of his favorite memories are of the band's pet squirrel Charlie and when Super Sueño played in his hometown Nueva Rosita. He also laughs when he tells the story about the time the van caught fire on their way back from a gig in Uvalde.







Jose Alberto Moreno - Keyboard

Alberto is the newest member of the band, joining in Nov 2017.  He is the son of a musician and learned to play the trumpet at the age 10. He taught himself how to play the keyboards at 18 and his inclination to learn more lead him to study music theory.

In 2010 he formed his own band but it was short-lived when other band members were not serious about practicing and performing. 

When he is not playing with Super Sueño he is busy recording, developing new ideas and perfecting his own style.

 Alberto has a true respect for lead singer and founder, Charly Boy Escamilla and is 100% committed to the band, but his dream is to someday achieve great success in the music industry.